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Maria's Corner

Here you will find products selected by our Production Manager, Maria Roderick

which reflect the needs of the season, a special holiday or just Mariaís whim.


Native Collection

Cherylís Herbs Native Collection specifically features herbs native to our home state of Missouri. They are the true locals of our area and have adapted over the years to Missouriís ever changing, irregular winter, spring and hot summer. These hardy herbs actually prefer some of our bad soil and wouldnít choose to live just anywhere!


Paw Gep Products

A wide range of strange and wonderful products by the legendary old herbalist.


Red Sage Classical Chinese Herbal Formulas

Red Sage's exclusive, highly effective Classical Chinese Herbal Formulas are based on thousands of years of Chinese Herbalism. All herbs are screened for adulterants including heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals. Licensed herbalist, Laurel Redmon, hand-selects the highest quality plant material from these screened batches and decocts in the traditional manner before extraction.



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