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Grand Opening Festivities at our new location in Maplewood.


Since 1991, Cheryl's Herbs has grown into a thriving wholesale-retail-mail order enterprise, featuring the finest quality Pure Essential Oils and Herbs available. Our goal at Cherylís Herbs is to make it easier and more convenient for you to have a more natural and healthy lifestyle. We offer something for everyone from pre-mixed prepared products to all of our single ingredients, bottles and jars, for those who wish to make their own preparations.



Mary Kay Green, Office Manager & Maria Roderick (& friends), Production Manager


From our huge selection of single ingredients we can also make your own custom blend and if you ask for an essential oil or herb we normally do not stock, we will try and locate the item so you can special order it from us. We will also manufacture products for other companies under their own label as well.



Learning and education are emphasized at Cherylís Herbs. Our Study Center is open to the public during normal business hours. We even have a collection of antique and historical books on herbs. Our library reflects our belief in a holistic approach and includes books on diet, exercise, positive thinking, breathing, spirituality and various philosophies along with numerous books on herbs and aromatherapy. We offer educational classes taught by Cheryl and other guest educators.


Shining Rivers Waldorf Kindergarten visits Cheryl's Herbs

Everyday at Cherylís Herbs we serve complimentary herbal tea in our showroom. We are frequently asked questions about what herbs to take for certain conditions. We are not doctors and cannot advise customers in this way but we do know about herbs. We show customers books on the topic they are asking about and tell them what other people have used in the same situation or what we personally have tried or would use in their situation. We try to help them learn to make their own educated decision.


Ingrid Petres (& friend), production assistant, weekend manager

Video: Cheryl's Herbs' own Ingrid Petres on the Maplewood Coffee Crawl


Sometimes the tea we serve in our showroom is made from freshly cut herbs harvested from our flower beds. We always diffuse essential oils into the air of our cheery and bright showroom. One of the greatest pleasures for us is to watch the reaction of people as they walk through the door and get their first whiff of the deliciously fragranced air. Many people comment "I feel so good when I come here!". That makes our day.



The Riverfront Times named Cherylís Herbs the "Best Herbal Supply Shop" in its "The Best of St. Louis 1998" issue. The RFT writes, "At Cherylís Herbs, {...} youíll find more than 850 natural products -- everything from herbal extracts to pure essential oils to organic spices to natural soaps to peppermint tea. Cherylís herbal recipes are made from the finest ingredients from around the world."


"The inside of Cherylís Herbs looks like a living room. Thereís refreshing spearmint tea on the coffee table and trays of essential oils wait to be tested. And, unlike most health food chains, Cherylís Herbs offers all the necessary accessories -- cloth tea bags, bottles of all sizes, eyedroppers, books, catalogs, tea strainers."



"The cozy library nestled in the back of Cherylís Herbs is an excellent place to start familiarizing yourself with the medicinal qualities of herbs. The study center is stocked with more than 650 Books covering everything from herbology to essential oils to Eastern medicine."



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